Frankie & Ray is a small collection of women's clothing and accessories, and sometimes a few lovely things for your home.

Everything is made by me (Jo) by hand in my workroom is southern coastal Victoria. I like to use the traditional techniques to create wearable pieces with a modern feel.

My designs are usually driven by something that I would like for myself. Things that are practical, comfortable, durable, and made for everyday wear.

My work is always inspired by colour, pattern, and texture, and I hope to create pieces that become favourite garments, made to be worn and loved for more than a single season.

I feel very strongly about quality fabrics, and will hunt down the very best cottons and linens for my garments. After all, we all want our favourite clothes to last more than a few washes, and if treated with care you should have many, many wears from your Frankie & Ray piece.

Frankie & Ray was named for my constant companions, Frankie, the Siamese cat, and Ray, our second hand Greyhound. Both now sadly missed, but living on with my label.